International Online Meeting with Amany Asfour and Catherine Bosshart

The international President Amany Asfour and the Vice President Catherine Bosshart (s. photo) greeted the participants of the intercontinental Online Meeting “International Mobility” about Uganda.


They thanked the “BPW International Member Project”-Leader Géraldine Crevat, France, the speaker Maggie Kigozi, Uganda, and the participants Saliba Raffoul, Brazil, Carmen Zogheig, Lebanon, Gernain Nolwenn, France/UK, Irini Poutakidou, Greece, Estelle De Gardelle, Brazil/France/USA, Vicky Mee, New Zealand, Sara Martins, Brazil, and Lise-Cordelia, Yesse, France, for their commitments.

To attend the intercontinental online Skype meetings please contact Géraldine Crevat,


Antoinette Rüegg